• Single furnace/air handler residential air duct cleaning $350 
  • Additional Furnaces/Air Handlers are billed at $200 per
  • Dryer Vent $100 ($50 with purchase of a residential air duct cleaning)
  • Fireplace/Furnace Chimney $100 ($50 with purchase of a residential air duct cleaning)
  • Gas Boiler $200
  • Air Conditioning Evaporator Coils $125
  • Furnace Burners, chimney & Heat Exchanger $225
  • Antimicrobial application is always free
  • Commercial rates needs to call for quote.


Air Duct Cleaning includes:
Cleaning of ALL Supply and Return Ductwork associated with the system or systems, All vent covers removed, hand washed and reinstalled, And Cleaning of the Blower Section, Blower Motor and Squirrel Cage Assembly. Our Antimicrobial Application is always FREE!
Our Power Vacuum Trucks (16,000 cfm’s) are the strongest equipment our indusrty has to offer. We will first run a 6″ vacuum hose from our truck to your main Supply line and main Return line. That will create suction at every vent in your home. We will then remove each vent cover and hand wash them. While the vent is removed, we will then use 195lbs of compressed air and our Viper2 air charged rubber whips to move all dirt, dust and debris down each vents sub lines back to the main trunklines. We will then dislodge ALL dirt, dust and debris in the main trunklines moving it all back to the vacuum access and out to the Power Vacuum Truck. All of this being completed with No mess in your home. 

A typical residential air duct cleaning with one furnace/air handler should take approximately 2-3 hours depending on the size of your home and the set up of your HVAC system.