Air Duct Cleaning Solutions Services Residential, Commercial and Industrial


Residential Services

With state of the art equipment, NADCA certified technicians on every job following the NADCA guidelines thoroughly, and a commitment to excellence specializing in air duct cleaning, it’s easy to see why ADCS is the premier NJ Duct Cleaner. Our Air Duct Cleaning Specialists utilize power vacuum trucks connected to the main supply and return trunk lines in your home. This generates approximately 16,000 c.f.m. of vacuum, pressurizing the entire system. While the trunk lines are pressurized creating a giant wind tunnel, our technicians use the utmost care to access all vent covers in your home. They are removed, washed and replaced. While they are off, approximately 200 lbs. of compressed air is blown down each line forcing all dirt, dust and debris to the main trunk lines where the vacuum is attached. We then send the patented Viper® 2 whip system through all the main ducts, which dislodges all contaminants while our vacuum truck removes it. We then coat the duct work with a deodorizer, which is perfectly safe to breathe in and destroys any odors associated with bacteria, mold and mildew.

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Commercial Services

Most office buildings and places of business suffer from what is known as SBS, or sick building syndrome. If you are going to work and feeling what seems to be upper respiratory or sinus infections, this could be the case for your place of employment. ADCS has over 17 years of experience cleaning and sanitizing commercial duct work.


Industrial Services

From mechanical dust collection systems to exhaust systems for ovens in processing and packaging plants, ADCS has cleaned several industrial style ducts. Print shops, sewage treatment plants, and pharmaceutical dust collection systems are all serviced by ADCS.